Trane thermostat energy monitoring

I got my Vera2 and Trane thermostat working together with minimal problems. But now I can not figure out how to make it report the energy/usage over the micasa software. Seems I should have set it up with the online program before I tried to make this info available? This part of web page when you first log in does not recognize my thermostat is there. Anyone know how to detailed advise me how to set up"rooms. etc." and then set it so I can request this info online? All I get is blank pages when I try. BTW, remote thermostat control is working fine. I just do not know what to do next. Please be specific, as I am lost with this.

I just set up the energy values myself, so I don’t fully understand it all. There’s a subforum for power management:

And JOD just answered my similar question about the Tstat in this thread: