Trane Thermostat change to Farenheit

If I missed this on any forums, i’m sorry. I tried searching for “farenheit” and “celcius” and no results… So, I have the Vera Lite and just purchased HomeWave. Firstly, I wish there was more publication on the availability of this app. The others out there, although helpful, are just lacking. I think this app encompasses everything we need to use our Vera.

My question… My thermostat (Trane) is in Farenheit mode, however all displays in HomeWave show Celcius. Is there a way to change? I’ve looked but I can’t seen to find.

Thank you!

Disregard. I was just browsing over one other post and found it mentioned. I was nowhere near the right search term. Modified the settings for the app in Settings, worked like a charm.

I was about to give up on my Verde… It was great to control via browser, but really limited to iPhone apps… Until now. Developer, you’re doing a superb job on this app. Not many developers of the apps I use currently do any sort of feedback and get active on the forms, let alone update their apps. It’s top notch and I believe money well spent!

Thanks again.