Touchscreen for Vera???

I’m currently on vera3 running ui5, and planning to upgrade to vera+ or secure. Does anyone know if there is an in-wall mounted touchscreen that will integrate with vera (preferably over an ethernet connection)? Leviton has a nice screen, but I’m not sure if it’ll work. And I want to stay away from tablets & iPads for the walls. Thanks!

Any particular reason you don’t want to use a tablet, I have played with the Omnitouch, its just an Android tablet running some Leviton software.

I have an in wall mount for an iPad 12.9 (, looks great once I removed the company logo with a magic eraser! I run Imperihome, it is easy to make a set of custom screens and it works great to monitor all my veras, cameras with Blue Iris and gets the all important wife approval. When I first installed it, I ran an Ethernet cable and used an iPad adapter, to be honest I see not difference between the LAN and WiFI in my house. FYI, I imagine that you could make a cheaper solution with a low cost Android tablet, but this was super easy to implement and just works!