Totally lost..

Hi everyone , new to Z-Wave and currently building our new house.

I plan on using numerous 4 gang switches , some 3 gang switches as well. What would be the easiest way of have them being controlled by Z-Wave. Their regular nice looking light switches. I will be using LED downlights (GU10) so not very high wattage.

I had a look at the fibaro inserts but not sure if they are the right option for me and I’m not sure how many switches each module can control. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance and a Happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:

Location has some to do with this. Where are you located?

The first picture is the switches you are going to use? You want to continue to use that switch but make it z-wave?

The in wall controllers like you shown on your 2nd picture can control up to 2 loads depending on model. So you would need to squeeze two of those into each 3 or 4 gang box and one for a single or double gang box. A three gang box is going to be nearly impossible without a special box to fit two of them and the switch plus all the wiring.

@integlikewhoa - Based on the username and equipment I’d wager South Africa.

@ShaunZA - The all in one 4 gang switch that you pictured should be able to activate the Fibaro relays without a problem. The Fibaro relay that you pictured can control 2 loads(light circuits). You would need two such Fibaros to run four circuits controlled by the four gang switch.

Trying to help clarify your understanding… The Fibaro relays control the lights. Your standard switches connect to the Fibaros and simply activate the Fibaros which then control the lights.

Vesternet may be an excellent resource for you in explaining it all and sourcing equipment.

LOL I don’t “Get out” much.

Much appreciated guys! Thanks so much. Yep, from Durban , South Africa.