Too simplistic of a switch?

So I took the plunge and bought a VeraEdge and a well reviewed dimmer switch (Linear WD500Z), as soon as I took the switch off the wall I realized I have a problem in my less than 5 year old house. I have two black wires and a ground. No white, no blue, no anything else required by the dimmer I bought. The more I look online the less I find as to what to do here, apparently really old homes were wired this way, and I can’t find a dimmer that works on whatever configuration I have. Please advise on what to do!


Is there a bundle of white wires twisted together behind the switch? If so you will just need to add the white neutral wire from the switch to the bundle.

There usually won’t be a blue wire, you will have to figure out which black wire is the line and which is the load.

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There’s a bunch of crap tied in and chained off, it looks like damn near everything was painted white (it took me a long time to realize I was handling two black wires honestly). I’ll see if I can figure out whats going on back there.

I would suggest something like this to test wiring.

[quote=“jquincy, post:4, topic:187547”]I would suggest something like this to test wiring.[/quote]

Or an electrician for the first install :slight_smile: