Toggle DSC zone state through Vera?

Im trying to conjure a way to have Schlage z-wave deadbolts report status to DSC alarm, so an unlocked door would report like it’s open.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Create “dummy” zones (no wires landed on terminals). Configure zone type 26 non alarm. Name zones as front or back door

  2. When door is locked, Vera toggles zone state to “closed.”. System is secure.

  3. When door is unlocked, zone state is “open,” alarm cannot be set.

  4. Husband (me) has to go lock door. Again.

I’m trying to avoid having to buy contact interfaces to hardwire into alarm terminals to do the same thing.


  1. If I lose connectivity with lock (happens a lot. I’m ordering antenna mod parts to try to solve) what happens? Bypass if necessary?

  2. If set as a non alarm zone, alarm should never go off no matter what, right? It’s just a status indicator?

  3. It seems easy, what am i missing?


Non alarm or supervisory zones are not priority zones ergo will not prevent you from arming also with no wires on the terminals i dont think they would ever show closed and the hard wire contacts you are trying to avoid shouldn’t cost more than arround 10 bucks a piece. I can show you via skype how to drill the doors and run the wire if you need. I have my alarm learned into my Vera as a z-wave controller so all of my alarm contacts and devices can be used to trigger scenes also this gives me texting control over all of my lights and locks so when I’m in a rush I can just text “lock front door” to my alarm panel and it locks the door and sends me a confirmation text to let me know if it was completed or failed but this feature is only available on DMP alarm panels I think

Ruetech, thank you for your offer. I think i need to clarify what I’m tring to do.

The front and back doors have 3/8" hardwired sensors hardwired to DSC panel. I can tell when the door is open or closed. I can’t tell if the Schlage z-wave deadbolt is locked or unlocked. I don’t have motorized deadbots, so the goal is to integrate the lock status with DSC. That way, i cant set the alarm and walk out the backdoor if the front door is unlocked.

One way to integrate is to use a z-wave relay to wire into the DSC, just like a normal door sensor. With (2) doors to monitor, thats about $100 to do something Vera may be able to do over network.

I have a Vera Light and an Eyez-on envisalink III interface. Vera can see all zones. Im thinking that if i program (2) zones into DSC, I leave the terminals open so vera can then “toggle” a bypass on them over the network to report open or closed.

If front door is unlocked, DSC interprets it as “open.” When front door is locked, vera toggles state, and DSC no longer sees a zone fault.

No more leaving the front door unlocked by accident.