TKB Dimmer problem


I just replaced my Everspring plug dimmers with TKB since the everspring dimmers are faulty most of the time , TKB dimmers are good and reliable but i have a problem with them , when i turn on the light it doesn’t gradually turn it on , it acts like an ON/OFF switch but when i turn it off it turn the lights down automatically , anyone faced this before ?


I too have just purchased some TKB dimmers and mine work in exactly the same way with my VeraLite.

Can I ask what happens if you toggle the on/off of the dimmer via Vera several times (2/3 times)?

If I do this on mine it seems to ‘crash’ them, and from then on I cannot turn them below 10% dimming via sliders or off via the button.

Yes. Same happens with me here. It doesn’t turn off I have to turn it off manually from the dimmer itself for it to function again

Not that happy with them for this reason, considering returning them :frowning:

Same here. I’m in Egypt and bought them from UK. It’ll cost me like 50 pounds to return them

Ramii have you raised a support request with vera about it?

It’s not a problem with Vera , i tried them with fibaro HCL , same problem .

I sent to versternet and they confirmed that they have people reporting the same problem and they are looking into it .

Thanks for your help Rammi, I am also in contact with Vesternet although do not have access to a Fibaro HCL, so that is very very useful :slight_smile: