Timezone and time bug

My vera box is updated to the latest firmware.

I have selected Pacific canadian timezone and also selected my city etc. The Vera router is not displaying the proper time. It is locked in at Fri Dec 31 16:28:16 PST 1999 .
Do I need to install the NTPclient through the advanced settings?

I have power cycled the router and the time is still locked in.

I think this is going to have to be filed as a bug.

I am on version 1.0.320. I am having the same issue. Any reset starts at Dec 31, 1999 and moves forward but it never changes to the current date and the time is always off. I didn’t see this issue prior to 1.0.310.

Hmmm, mine seems to have returned to normal for now :slight_smile:

Our Linux IT guy is in early in the morning Pacific time (he’s based in Europe). So if you ping me on instant messenger (micasaverde.com, click ‘support’) in the morning, when it’s showing the wrong date, I can ask him to look into it.

After updating to the .423 (and .426) code, this issue has returned where the unit resets to Dec. 31, 1999.

I’m getting the same thing with .456 as well.

Problem report 297 submitted

The device will reset to Dec 31, 1999 and move forward from there but never corrects the date and time to today.

We just released a new firmware. However we didn’t do anything specific to fix this issue because we can’t reproduce it. If it’s still happening, can you ping me on IM or call me when you have a minute to let me take a look, if you don’t mind opening the back door. see: micasaverde.com, click support.

Problem report 345 submitted