Timers in Ezlo

I have been trying to find if there are timers in ezlo. I used them in Vera all over. For instance, if my garage door opens I kick off a timer for 5 minutes. If it is still open then I send a notification and set another timer. When the garage door closes, the timer is cancelled and I send a notification. I can’t use a delay because it will trigger wether the door is open or closed.

I don’t think trying to write meshbots to use cpu up to try and simulate a timer is a good idea.

Any solutions anyone has created?


Hi @RonnieBoyOK

we have the functions in meshbots that you can use for this purpose.
“FOR” function seems suitable for your scenario. It checks if the condition holds TRUE for x amount of time before executing actions. And meanwhile if the state changes the timer automatically cancels.
So you can create 2 meshbots , one with FOR function with 5 mins period, and another one with 10mins (or any length you want) And in actions area you can send notifications per each scenario.

Please give it a try and feel free to share your feedback here.