Timers fail to fire


My Vera timers don’t fire as scheduled anymore. I used to have this problem occasionally in the past (every couple of weeks) that my scene timers wouldn’t fire and they would only work after I reboot my Vera. Now this problem happens every single day and my daily timers consistently fail to fire every day even if I reboot my Vera on a daily basis.

If I fire the scene manually from the web browser, it would work sometime but not all the time.

I am running version 1.0.979 and according to the system, there are no new firmware versions to download.

Any ideas on how to address this problem?


What does your scene do? There is a known bug related to scenes triggered by a timer that try to set both the heat and cool set points of a thermostat. Not sure if it is specific to the thermostat or if it is just trying to take two actions on the same device.

My Scene is a simple scene that turns on and off outdoor plugin modules and sets the levels on some of my dimmers. No A/C thermostat is part of this scene. I simply use this scene to turn my landscape lights on at sunset and off at 11:00 p.m.

So you are taking more than one action in the scene. I would suggest making a test scene that turns one light on and is trigger by a timer. If that works, then you know the issue isn’t that all timers are failing which would aid in the debugging/triage process.

I will do that but the same timer has been working fine for several month in the past. I will create a test timer and check if the issue is related to the config of the timer but I don’t believe so.

I am having the same issue, it started with 979 and does it on 989
This is driving me crazy! I even simplified the timer by trying a separate on and off timer.
Same thing, sometimes it works and sometimes not. I believe its a communication error with device since it wont manually function with the “go” button (sometimes). Think Essentials works perfect which leads me to believe its in the dongle or vera s/w

This is not a very reliable energy management solution.
Our company has not started marketing Vera because of this and a couple other issues. I keep saying that Think Essentials has it right when it comes to ZWave optimizing, Vera does a poor job with this function