timer range for an event


I’ve had Vera up and running for about 2 months now and am currently running 979. Most things are work fine, but every once in a while Vera seems to get hung up but a reset usuallt clears things back up.

I have 2 Schlage deabolts managed by Vera and have set up event to let me know when certin family member unlock the deabolt. That works great!

Now my questions:
Is it possible to create a scene that is activated only during a certain period of time (e.g. 6pm to 6am) and by the deabolt being unlocked that will send the notification and also turn on a nearby light?

Basically I want a scene that requires multiple conditions to be true to activate the associated devices.


Yes, the way is to code a scene in Lua - there you can create the desired conditions.


The code could look like:

current_hour = os.date(‘*t’,os.time())[“hour”]
if (current_hour > 5) and (current_hour < 19)
luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1”,“SetTarget”,{ newTargetValue=“1” },13)
– 13 is the device number
– here you can define the other actions
return false

So you create an event (door is opened), copy the code to the “Luup scene” section of your scene and this scene will switch on your device #13 when someone opens the door between 6am and 6pm.

You must be a programmer to use Vera. How utterly disappointing.

Hi everyone.

CMRancho: You don’t have to be a programmer at all to use Vera. This is exactly the opposite we are trying to do here. huwu, on the other hand, has his knowledge and as you may see, he likes to share it and we appreciate that, maybe someone will use them.

aen: You can add 2 scenes for each time you want to run some commands. For the one you want notification, just put an event.

All roads lead to Rome. :wink:

@CMRancho: I’m not a programmer - I just strenuously culled these snippets. 8)

Mcvovidiu: maybe if you keep saying it, it will be true. What aen is trying to do is pretty basic, and he needs to code it. There are many other examples of this, but it’s true that not all of them require programming skills. They merely require a huge amount of strenuous research, like huwu said. The easiest stuff can be accomplished by simply setting up multiple scenes to do one thing. God help you if you have to exclude and re-include one of the devices involved in all those scenes!

And still I keep buying more devices. Go figure.

I’m very technically advanced, but when it comes to code, I just don’t write it, so Im feeling the same way, kinda bummed that if I want to add some level of logic it must require me to write some code or at least find what code to put in there…

Hopefully as Vera matures, these code “snippets” will be in some sort of library where we can grab them, or better yet take these advanced options and make them into a GUI option…for us non-programmer types.

Im crossing my fingers that this does get easier…but it appears that I need to try and learn some of this stuff so I can make my Vera really do what I want…

I second the request for a more advanced programming GUI for us non-programmer types!

MCV, is there any talk of an updated GUI to be released with Version 2.0, or at least some sort of GUI redesign on Vera’s development road-map?