Timer and light

I am trying to set up my front door light to come on at sunset??? When I set it up, do all the steps and hit run the light comes on, not on the set time ??? I don’t know what I am doing wrong???
Thanks Mike

when you hit the Run button on a scene, it runs the scene, essentially assuming that all conditions allow the scene to operate. This is to test the operations that will happen. If you have a timer set up for sunset, the light should also come on at sunset.

Thanks :smiley: so you don’t have to hit the run to have your scene to work?? when you set up a scene it will run after you save it ???
Thanks mike

That is correct - Run is just used to “test” the scene.

they need to make it say test not run, sorry newbe ;D

thanks mike

It also does not describe that once the scene is saved, it will always run and can not be stopped unless you go back in and edit the scene to deactivate the timer. That is unless some of the more profficient users get into LUUP dialogs on this topic.