Time stamp on vera alerts app

Hi there,

When veraalerts sends a message it is going to my android phone and it does what it needs to do.

Lot’s of time when I am working my cellphone is off, when I have connection again after several hours , I recieve the alerts, but the timestamp is not of the time the alert happend , it is when veraalerts on android recieved it…

Is there a way to have the timestamp when vera alerts on the vera device sends the alert to my android?


In your profile for your Vera Alerts Mobile devices …
Add the following to the MessagePrefix parameter:


Awasome! …


I did this recently, with interesting results. It looks like items trigger out of sequence - based on my PLEG logic these items would need to be reversed. Example sequence that must occur for the triggers to happen…

AARON False makes OCCUPIED False makes AWAY True

… Most of the time (not always), VA shows AWAY before OCCUPIED.

I suspect this is a timing issue as to how fast the Notifications trigger - some delay in Vera?

Not a big deal since I use EventWatcher to troubleshoot scenes but I thought it was interesting.

7 years later, i know…
But {timestamp} does not work. Anymore ?

That’s why I use Reactor or MSR exclusively for sending messages from Vera. You can create the messages in any format you like and send them via SMTP and other avenues.

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