Time problem

Hello all

I have a NON stable internet connection which means i am loosing time in My vera2 :frowning:
i have a DVR which has a fixed date and time…DVR is a server…can i take the vera time from the DVR?

Two possibilities: One, the DVR speaks the NTP or RDATE protocols. Then it is just a matter of editing Vera’s time server list to point to your DVR.

Two, the DVR can tell you the time over some other protocol (HTTP or SSH or something). Then you can write a plugin for the Vera that queries the time and then sets the Vera’s clock. At a guess, no one is going to write this plugin for just one user, so you may have to get your hands dirty and write it yourself.

ok my DVR supports NTP
how would that help?

So install the NTP client on your Vera (search the forums for how), and then edit the /etc/config/ntpclient file to point to your DVR.

This is assuming that your DVR can be an NTP server. Which is not the same as being an NTP client.

Or have any other available PC act as an NTP server.