Time on Vera - bug or design flaw

@MCV Is there any way to make Vera re-try to get a time from internet?

I noticed that every time after power outage, my Vera drives the entire house crazy because it starts faster then my cable modem+router+switch, and so being unable to get current time from internet it assumes some weird default value.
Guess what happens when it turns on lights in the middle of the night!

Why would it get time only on startup? The default value is known, it’s 1999 or 2000, can it just check if it’s less then say 2005 just try to retrieve time again in some 30 min until you get it right?

or maybe code a 10 minute delay timer to timeout to zero before checking for time on the internet, that should be enough time for the router/modem to startup

Or better yet can we get Vera to use an nntp server to get the current time and have a daemon check periodically?

The default ntpclient on Vera runs with 60 seconds interval for checking the time…

It just happened again: power outage, once everything is up again Vera is stuck in a year 2000, missing timers, etc :frowning:
Power cycled just Vera - once up time is correct…