Time, door lock and no motion motion- turn off switch

reactor #1 I have conditions that are time-based daily. Whenever the lock button is pressed. And no motion for 15 minutes it turns off a light switch. The problem is when I lock the door inside it’s the same as pressing the lock button. Yale lock.

How can I have the motion sensor reset #1 to not trip?

So far I created a second reactor that takes motion changes from 0 to 1 in that same time period. In the actions #2, What is the command to reset #1 to not trip, and keep the switch on?

I’m not sure if the Yale lock has similar statuses as a Kwikset, but what I have noticed is that the “Lock button pressed” value from within Reactor is the same as if the lock is locked. For any logic that I need to leverage the physical button being pressed, I use the native Vera scene option “When button pressed.” My work around for the button being pressed within Reactor, I went with the lock going from 0 to 1, or vice versa. However if the lock is locked from the inside, and the motion stops, the light will turn off.

So maybe something along the lines of “If lock goes from 1 to 0” AND No Motion (sustained for 15 minutes) then turn off your light.

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