It looks like this plugin was withdrawn and I can’t download the latest fix now. Will there be a replacement or is somebody else taking it over? Anyone have a copy of 56?


Not sure, wondering if there is a repository for the last new update we could get. I would assume cybrmage is switching platforms or stopping development for particular reasons.

I think you’ll find that if someone has withdrawn their plugins so definitively, that, unless special arrangements have been made with another developer, then they really don’t want a ‘grey market’ circulating them.

It appears that he doesn’t want to be involved anymore but, regardless, .56 was uploaded and I’m sure somebody downloaded it so it could be shared for those that still need it even if it’s not further developed.

Maybe i can help you,need more info,
My version is showing plugin version 0.24
Where can i check if i have the good version for you?

Well, this really sucks.

CYBRMAGE - Please provide us with an explanation for withdrawing this plugin. :cry:

Yeah, tagging for interest.

My wink devices are not supported by Vera directly and caused them to go offline. This was my fix and it worked well.

Not happy! Hope a solution is reached soon.

I’m concerned.

I too was using this to support devices not supported by the Vera. For one, Lutron Shades. I actually modified my copy of .51 lua code to fix some issues with references to nil pointers, and got it working. I shipped some of the minor corrections to cybrmage hoping he would incorporate them in later versions. But I didn’t catch updated before the app was withdrawn… If anyone does have a copy I would be greatly interested.

Somewhat anti social to just withdraw the plugin without at least looking for someone willing to take on support.

If you have a copy of .51, care to share?

I can… However, I do so with a huge disclaimer…

First, I’m assuming you already have the other files installed, and just want the Lua code updates. Second, I’m assuming your familiar with how to install these files…

Since I’ve made modification to .51 Lua code, that were done to resolve the problems I was having on my system. I would provide this code with the understanding that it comes with no support, and that I in no way take responsibility for any problems this code might cause with your system. (I suspect none, but since I’ve never tested my minor mods on any other system than mine… I can’t know)

I also provide this code in the desperate hope that cybrmage returns and incorporates this fixes in his code, and republish the Plugin. After all, I have no documentation on the Wink_API, I have not spent time reading the documentation around how Vera does it’s thing. And I’m not that versed in Lua. I also, didn’t have a lot of time to spend on this, so I literally did what I had to to get it working again on my setup.

After all that… here…

In summary the modifications I made are the following:
added the following:

        elseif (DeviceType == WINK_DEVICE.SHADE.type_name ) then
                if (v["last_reading"] and v["last_reading"]["position_updated_at"]) then
                        return v["last_reading"]["position_updated_at"]

then had to modify

       convertDevice = function(self, device, nDeviceID)

to have it add the object_type as shade and not change it to lightbulb. So here is the modified code at approx line 3546

                                elseif (nDevice["last_reading"] and (((nDevice["last_reading"]["powered"] ~= nil) and (nDevice["last_reading"]["brightness"] ~= nil)) or (nDevice["last_reading"]["color_model"] ~= nil))) then
                                        if ( nDevice["name"] == "New Serena Honeycomb" ) then
                                                nDevice["object_type"] = "shade"
                                                nDevice["shade_id"] = nDeviceID or nDevice["local_id"]
                                          nDevice["object_type"] = "light_bulb"
                                          nDevice["light_bulb_id"] = nDeviceID or nDevice["local_id"]
                                        nDevice["child_local_id"] = nDeviceID or nDevice["local_id"]
                                        if (nDevice["updated_at"]) then
                                                nDevice["last_reading"]["powered_updated_at"] = nDevice["updated_at"]
                                                nDevice["last_reading"]["brightness_updated_at"] = nDevice["updated_at"]

I can’t attach the Lua code as it’s too large, if you PM me, I can arrange some way to get you the file.

Again, if anyone has the .56, I would love to take that code, see if cybrmage incorporated any of the fixes in that code, and if not, at least I could look at re-applying these changes for shade control. Given that I hacked this in, you have to understand, cybrmage wrote over 10,000 lines of code, this is his code, he understands it, and is best to actually modify it. Not I…

Sure, I’ll take a copy. I want to see what cybrmage changed since .51, and since I have all my blinds working, I’ll probably look at integrating the changes I made, into his last version.

I’d like a copy .56 too. I had auto update on and it reverted me to .48 which is why i asked of anyone had a copy of the newest zip. :wink:

Hello everyone. Just for reference I am a “dabbler” in automation… I have all my devices set through my wink hub and all my automation done on a Vera lite using ui5… I haven’t logged into my Vera in almost 2 years. Everything has been working great. Today I got a new thermostat and I went into my Vera to do some automating. I was having issues so I deleted the wink plugin… went to reinstall it. And this is where I am… is there anyway to get the plugin installed again. The wink hub sucks for automating … but by Vera lite sucks more with my alexa. Please help!!!

Thanks in advance

Try restoring from a back up.

I wish I had one…

UI5 had a list of back up’s in settings, I can’t see the same in UI7 although when I select Create Back Up it opens a new window which shows the last back up made, weird…
I would contact CS, explain the problem and ask them to re-install a past back up.

You have to login for it to find the saved backups.

If a plugin has previously been installed on a Vera, then those files stay on Vera, even if the plugin has been deleted by the user. To restore it you can use the Create new device process in the UI. Please don’t ask me how to do this - the forum has plenty of examples.

Additionally here is BroadLink Mark II plugin to try out:,53871.0.html