This is how you trigger PLTS via a URL

I couldn’t find this in the forum. Did some experimenting and figured it out and thought I’d share. Here’s the URL to set a PLTS object.



Interesting. Curious to learn how you plan to apply this.

I’m transitioning from Mister House - a perl-based automation server. I still have motion sensors, garage door sensors, etc, that are X10 and are monitored by Misterhouse. This allows me to trigger events in Veralite.

So you will continue to run the MisterHouse application and these devices will operate on a separate network, but will be capable of interacting with the Vera? I have often wondered if there was some way to bridge separate networks.

The version of MisterHouse that I’m running is old. And requires some backversions of perl modules. And I recently had to rebuild my MisterHouse server after a motherboard failure.

That all got me looking for a viable alternative.

I plan to give Alsteon a try and see how it works with my existing X10 but my plan is to gradually replace my X10 switches with Zwave.