thinkessentials vs vera

I currently own a Vera2 in my vacation home and I am thinking of putting a similar system in my primary residence. While I am happy with the Vera2 it is a little pricey and I notice that there is software called thinkessentials which seems to be similar to the Vera2.

The drawback of thinkessentials is it needs to be on a server which is always on, but I already have this covered at my house.

Are there differences in functionality between the two or do they handle the same job?

Thanks for any insight.

Vera is far superior.
Depending on what you want to do with the system will dictate what you use. If you already have a computer running 24/7 and only want to turn lights on and off or timed events then use TE.
Anything more than that and you will want a controller, ThinkEssentials will not control battery devices or give you remote access.


I don’t think that thinkessentials will control schlage lock sets.

Thinkessentials does not support Z-Wave Locks currently - it does support certain battery powered sensors the ZIR000 Sensor and HSM100 Sensor (motion only). As JOD stated you have to sit down and decide what you want automate today and down the road and then evaluate again.

Thanks so much for the information. Right now I am being pretty simple with what I am monitoring as I just want to set up a thermostat and a couple of lights. Down the road, when I get some time, I see me getting far more involved into this.

The remote access is a big one. I could always setup a VPN into my house to do this connection but at that point it seems I should have just gone with the vera.

Thanks again.