Thermstats Scenes.. Now I'm confused!

I have 4 scenes setup to set my thermostat to certain temperatures throughout the day. When I go to “” and connect to my interface, it shows the scenes but for some reason, it shows the “GO” button in blue on two scenes while the other two are gray. I’m under the assumption that the blue “GO” button means that it’s active. Is that an issue with the web UI or is my system actually running two scenes at the same time?

(GRAY) Scene 1: No Trigger, Schedule enabled to run Monday through Friday @ 7:30 AM.
Advanced Tab: CoolOn, Auto, 75

(BLUE) Scene 2: No Trigger, Schedule enabled to run Monday through Friday @ 4:30 PM.
Advanced Tab: CoolOn, Auto, 73

(BLUE) Scene 3: No Trigger, Schedule enabled to run Monday through Sunday @ 8:30 PM.
Advanced Tab: CoolOn, Auto, 72

(GRAY) Scene 4: No Trigger, Schedule abled to run Saturday and Sunday @ 8:30 AM.
Advanced Tab: CoolOn, Auto, 74

Scene 2 and Scene 3 are both displaying a blue “GO” button in the WebUI from the link above when I log in. If I want to “RUN” a scene outside of it’s timeframe, I normally press the apropriate button. I would have assumed that the blue “GO button” would be the one that I just activated or the one that is actively running. Maybe I am configuring all of this incorrectly?

When I use “Home Buddy” on my android device, choosing the scenes outside of their timeframes works as I would like. It doesn’t use the same “GO” buttons as the webUI so I never seen them. It does give me a notification that my Scene selection has been activated. So if Scene 4 is running because it is in the time schedule, and I choose Scene 3 because I want it to now be 72 degress, it does switch my thermostat to 72 and it says Activated Scene 3.

When I use the webUI from the link above, the “GO” button is already blue and it doesn’t seem to reflect any changes. It never turns to gray even when it is not running the specific schedule. This is confusing to the older adults because this technology is not anything they’ve ever had to play with. Now they keep asking me if it has changed or not! They have iPhones and it reflects the same colored buttons in the “Vera Mobile” app as it does when they access it via the webUI.

Maybe this is a bug in the webUI or maybe something in my configuration?