thermostats - advice

Okay, On to thermostats.

I am looking a zwave thermostat that:

[ul][li]can be fully controlled remotely (fan too!)[/li]
[li]prefer it not be programmable (days and temps)[/li]
[li]displays temps in F[/li][/ul]

Basically again its going somewhere where I have guests and so I want to be able to set the fan from “run, to auto” remotely in case someone leaves it that way. Full control so i can ‘fix’ anything that may get set that needs to be put back to normal later on.

Saw earlier postings talking about how some models had C/F setting probs with Vera.
That may be OBE by now.

I was looking at the Wayne Dalton, but recently saw the post saying that the fan switch is a real switch that cannot be change via zwave, if thats true, thats off the list.


I have had good luck with the Schlage/Trane thermostat. It lets you control the set point, the mode (heat/cool/auto) as well as the fan (on/auto)

It can be set via installer settings to allow scheduled set points, but according to the manual if you do that, it disables the ability to control the set point via zwave. To fit in the way you want to use it, if you set it for zwave control then you don’t have the option for scheduling on the local thermostat, no options that even show that.

There is a Energy Saving Mode, that basically you can set the heat and cool setpoint, then send an on/off to the thermostat to enable/disable the ESM. So it is quite flexible works well.

You can find the full manuals here [url=][/url]

I have two Schlage t-stats, and one Wayne Dalton. By far, the Schlage t-stat is superior.

Build quality, feature set, etc. No comparison.

I have the Trane. You can, in fact, use the installer settings to enable/disable the ability to schedule set points within the device. Enabling this feature does not prevent it from being controlled via z-wave, but if you do both they are competing for control, and the last one to request a change wins. You can also lock out all local control, so someone would have to know the “secret” button combination to get to into the installer settings to unlock the device to control anything locally.

Oh, I should have said that I have been very happy with the Trane device. Another feature I wasn’t expecting was that it remembers it’s settings and even keeps the locally set time correct through a 24+ hour power outage.

I have 3 Tranes installed ~ 1000 miles away controlling heat pumps, so far they have worked just fine. What’s nice is the ability to change set points via Vera. Since I have heat pumps I make 1 degree changes (at a time) up in heating several days before I plan on arriving at the home. This way I minimize the use of the electric heat. :slight_smile:

ctvrod… yeah… thats one of the things I want to do, start it before someone gets there so its up (or down) to temp when they get there. As well as set it back when they check out in case they don’t follow directions. Then it doesnt run till the cleaners get there which may be a day or two later if there are no back to back rentals. Hoping to save some money as well as make things more comfortable.

I have two Trane thermostats and they have meet all my expectations. One additional added benefit that was not highlighted in this thread is that z-wave/vera also provide the current room temperature. For me this is a great feature to allow me to identify if my heating/cooling system is not maintain temperature – great way to identify if service may be needed.

I think the Trane would also work great for a remote rental property. Your occupants have a familiar up/down button to control room temp to there liking. You have full control to reset temp or new set points when they leave if they decide to play with the settings.

Another vote for the Trane - I have been nothing but impressed. One great thing for your situation is that you can set it to heat/cool/auto - the auto will automatically heat or cool based on your set points. I hated programable thermostats that you could set temps, but had to physically move a lever to move from heat to cool. This takes the thinking out of it for your guests as well… they set the desired temp, the thermostat takes care of the rest.

The Trane sounds like the way to go. I never could understand why most electronic thermostats couldn’t do either heat or cool on their own.

As an owner of the WDTC-20 I can’t comment on the Trane, but I can see now that the Trane looks to be better suited for Rental/Vacation Properties. I ended up with the WDTC-20 because I have a simple FAU and A/C set-up and I didn’t need the extra features. If all you need is the Z-Wave and basic functionality, then the WDC-20 is a great option. I haven’t had any issues with it, it’s accurate and once you know the buttons is easy to operate.

I have the RCS TZ43 ( which looks identical to the Trane - can anyone comment on this ? ), and I love it.
It has the ‘Auto’ feature, option for 2 remote sensors, a backlit display with very readable fonts, and a menu system that requires no documentation to use - very well thought out, I think.

If anyone can confirm that the RCS & Trane are, in fact, identical - I may buy the Trane for my upstairs unit, since I believe it is a bit cheaper.

Very nice to control the TZ43 with my GE 45608 remote.

The main difference between the RCS T43 and the Trane unit is that the Trane unit does not support the remote sensors.

if you yank it apart the traces on the pcb to attach the sensors are even on the trane unit- but I assume the firmware would ignore if someone got crazy and started soldering…

Adding a snapshot for Trane. Probably it won’t help you decide but allow me to give you a little feel of it.

Must mention that unlike the pictures on the package, web and other places the background light is “NOT” blue, in my case, and is more like shades of grey. also it’s smaller than my earlier nine year old Honeywell that left a small but noticeable hole on the wall and will need some putty and paint :slight_smile:


Keeper: Thanks very much for the screenshot. Looks great! I just found this online for $118.99 (free shipping). After seeing how it appeared in Vera, it sealed my decision. Should be here 3/22.

Hmm… I just googled it and found that price too… How did I miss that before?

I figure I can give it a try at the house and see how things work.

Thanks for the tipoff!

Glad I got mine when I did! Hope you were able to order, too, Les. (They are now “This item currently unavailable” status.) My Z-Wave shadow (he lets me be the guinea pig and try everything out first before he will try anything new) missed the deal.

Schlage LiNK TZEMT400AB32 was probably one of the easiest Z-Wave installs I have experienced. It came today about 10:30…ran home on my lunch hour, had it up and running in 20 minutes. It’s much quieter than the Hunter 44860 Touchscreen it replaced. Now, I only hear the fan kick on, no audible “click” resonating down the hallway a couple of seconds before the unit kicks on. Love the display and high quality materials. Would highly recommend this t-stat even at regular price! (I also love that it shows current room temperature in the UI.) 100% controllable from within Vera for fan, mode (heat/cool/auto), set points, econ/normal mode. Everything I’ve ever had with the Trane logo was first-class, don’t know why I’m surprised that this is such a high quality, too.

Yeah… I am quite happy with the trane. Got in on the price before they ran out.
Wish it had an ‘indiglo’ lcd, but oh well… The only problem I have is I set a high temp
notification and its basically triggering everytime the furnace starts. I’ll submit a bug
report next week when I have time to play around with stuff.

I have 4 WDC-20 tstats at a remote location. Once setup these guys are working very well and allow set point control as well as heating/cooling enable. I am not using the fan control (since they are controlling baseboard heaters), but it appears that I can indeed change the settings on these from ON/AUTO through the Vera dashboard and the changes are reflected on the stat.

This stat also shows remote temp, and I use it all the time to monitor the remote location to make sure I don’t get freezing issues.

At another location I might try the Trane, but not sure if the difference in price would be worthwhile from what I’ve seen.