Thermostat with Eco/Set Back in Vera

Im after a UK thermostat that appears in Vera with an Eco or set back ability. I don’t need the wired controls as my heaters are all on z-wave switches, no “central heating”.

I currently use a Virtual Smart Thermostat per room, hooked to electric heaters with a 3in1 for temperature. Motion in the room moves the thermostat from eco/setback to normal/comfort. Great.

I have a HRT4-ZW for guests in the spare room, and this works great, but it means I use scenes to change the set point - fine for a bedroom used infrequently.
Downstairs in the lounge though, I would like to have resilience of a thermostat controlling the 2 heaters in case Vera crashes, but also with the remote and programming potential of being hooked to Vera too, like my spare room.
Ideally I would like anyone in the room to be able to change the comfort set point on a wall based thermostat if needed. If there is no motion in the room though, go to a set back position.

I like the look of the C-Stat 17-ZW, but unsure how this appears in Vera?
Does the AS2-RF do this?

The Nest thermostat has an “away” feature that will set the heat back and cool forward. It also has an auto-away function that will switch to away mode if its built-in proximity sensor doesn’t trip after a period of time. The Vera integration presents the home and away states as a binary switch that makes it very easy to automate and without the need for a separate motion sensor (assuming the thermostat is placed in such a way that its proximity sensor can be used for auto-away mode).

The ecobee thermostat (plugin in beta) also has a setback mode, and its Vera plugin also presents a home/away switch device. However, the ecobee thermostats do not have a built-in proximity or motion sensor, so your Z-Wave sensor(s) would also have be used to detect non-presence in the zone(s) controlled by the thermostat.

These thermostats are typically used in the Americas and may not be of use in Europe or elsewhere. Edit: both Vera plugins require ongoing Internet access to function.

Hope this helps,

Thank you.

I would love a nest for the gadget point of view, but I think it’s a bit of overkill for a room sensor.

I hope a AS2-RF will suit. I hope that the warm/cool thing translates for me to a motion tripped and inactive state. Can anyone confirm?


You can probably do what you want with the HRT4-ZW. It is just a matter of having the right logic in place to make changes to the setpoint when required.

I use HRT4-ZWs with direct association to the heating controls so that they will continue to operate if Vera should fail. The setpoints can be adjusted locally but are monitored and reset by a Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) plugin. The logic in this calculates the required setpoint according to various inputs, states and times and then sends that value to the thermostat. The only small inconvenience is that the change will not take effect until the 'stat next wakes up. In my case that is every four minutes so not really a problem in practice.

I used to have some setback 'stats in a previous property but they were nowhere near as flexible as the current solution using PLEG and HRT4-ZW (or any other Z-Wave programmable 'stat). I am frequently disappointed that dedicated devices do not work quite how I would like them to. If you’re the one writing the logic, it does what you wrote - and sometimes what you intended. ;D