Thermostat turn on other device?

Hello all,

I’m just about to order a vera lite and wanted to check if it was possible to do the following. I would like to have a outlet power on anytime my heat/ac powers on. I currently have a ductstat device in my attic that monitors the airflow and when it senses a change in temperature it will turn a duct blower on/off to push more air on a long run in my house. I was hoping I could replace the ductstat with a Zwave outlet that when the thermostat starts the furnace then turns this outlet on to power the fan blower. I would also want it to turn the outlet off when the thermostat reaches temperature and powers down the furnace.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


If the thermostat you integrate into Vera updates the ModeState variable with the current running state - Idle, Heating, Cooling, FanOnly - and has triggers on the ModeState variable changing, then you would turn on your Z-Wave outlet in a scene triggered by ModeState changing to “Heating” and turn it off with a scene triggered by ModeState changing to “Idle.” Some thermostats do not update a ModeState variable, but many do. (The Ecobee and Nest plugins I authored do, but I don’t know the full list of thermostats supported by Vera that do.)


Comparing the two you mentioned the Ecobee seems like the best choice for my system. Thanks for your reply and the plug-in. I look forward to using it and improving my hvac performance.

There are examples of using the PLEG plugin to cause an external fan to come on when the HVAC unit is calling for heat or cooling.