Thermostat that works with ductless split units Honeywell d6 in replacement of remotec xrt120

Hi, i had been using the remotec xrt 120 ir extender to control Mitsubishi split ductless units…was problematic bc if you used the remote control at site that information never synced with Vera , so the remote and xrt set point were not synched…
I have successfully installed HONEYWELL pro D6 using Honeywell Home app and linking to Vera
I am very basic user of Vera and understand this doesn’t give all of the functions of the ductless units
But for someone who just wants to be able to change temp and heat/cool setting and fan setting either from device or Vera and have them synch this is a great option…i just use the remote for other settings such as vane etc
This also synch to echo /Alexa so can be voice controlled

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I’m getting an install fowlne right now, got mistubishi splits, with kumo cloud that’s supposed to hook into my Vera ecosystem. I’ll report on that next week! Stay tuned.

If i was getting new install i definitely would go that way…but to come back out and fit my 4 units with wi-if panel they wanted $300 each!!!

I have a Split that is currently controlled by a Sensio AC Wifi controller (not supported by Vera and no on-screen controls) - this looks much much better and the fact that it works with Vera is great! I’m totally going to get one now!

PS, which Thermostat option did you choose when adding to Vera as a Device?

First download Honeywell home app (not total home connect won’t work)
Set up thermostat
Then plugin lyric plugin on Vera, when u set up it will ask for your login to Honeywell home i think it links you press the authorization button and then it links you to login and then gives you authorization code…enter that in settings
You will have 2 devices/icons in devices. The Honeywell lyric plugin and then you set up the thermostat as a separate device
It took me forever to figure out so please don’t hesitate to ask me any settings bc i can just look them up for you and share

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Thank you, I got my D6 pro up and running on my Vera Plus today and it works great!

Being an Aussie I had to tell it I was in the USA during setup (as the D6 pro isnt released here), but once configured and working I was able to switch my address to Australia and everything kept going just fine!


Folks, is there any way to read the Honeywell Home/Away modes if you enable geofencing?

I’ve been testing the reliability of the Honeywell geofencing for a while (in isolation) and it seems to be more reliable than the nest geofencing. I use Reactor to drive my automation but I can’t see an appropriate variable to monitor - I thought “ModeAway” might be the go but it shows “off” no matter whether we are home or away.

Well this logon to honeywell home is restricted to US customers only I think because it does not recognise my credentials.

I just set the country to USA during setup and then once all done changed it to Australia and my Honeywell thermostat is still going great after many months.

Thanks dJos, this made my recheck the account/password and now its working😀

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No worries. :+1:

I just got this today, setup and seems to be working 98% perfectly!
Anyone know how to make tweaks? It seems the ‘auto change over’ mode isn’t being received through Vera but I can successfully send that command through the Honeywell Home app, confirm it’s transmission received on the wall unit, and validate the d6 pro is showing the “auto” on display.

Auto mode has never worked for me either, but I use reactor to switch modes depending on the indoor and outdoor temps so it’s never been an issue for us.

Yeah, that could work as well. This unit is in our weekend home / homestay rental so I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible. Basically wanted a way to ‘reset’ things when guests arrive. Maybe this will be a decent opportunity for me to do some google research and edit plugins. Does anyone have any handy links to that?

Btw there is a plug-in that might be able to help you

@Nrbradley, is there any trick to getting the actual thermostat device to show up? I followed the steps: Set up TStat/Honeywell app, Installed Plugin, Authenticated device on Vera. But all the app did was add just one device called “Honeywell Lyric”. There’s basically no options for this device, as if it’s just the placeholder for the app. How do I get the actual thermostat device to appear? Should it happen automatically, or do I need to manually add it?

Yes I got the placeholder too, but in addition to that go to add device, + thermostat, choose honeywell wifi smart thermostat and it will link you to login to your honey well online account during the set up

Vera tech support got it working for me. Apparently the app catalog installs an older version of the Lyric app. Tech support had to do something manually to push an update of the Lyric App. Now it works like a charm.

I realized my version was outdated and auto-update was unchecked. So I checked it, the app updated to 1.0 and now I get an error that says " Honeywell Lyric[97] : Startup Lua Failed " and can’t seem to resolve it. Any ideas?

Sorry updated which app. The Vera, or the Honeywell ?
If it was the Honeywell once it stop working for me and i just deleted the thermostat (kept the separate plug in) and the. Reinstalled which allowed me to login to Honeywell account again and it resumed working
Other wise if it’s problem on the Vera side i would open up a ticket with Vera - they are amazing and get right back to you

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