Thermostat recommendations 2023


My Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave thermostats keep causing trouble.

  • I have the feeling that they continue to heat up diligently, even if the target temperature has already been exceeded.
  • On one radiator the thermostat eats a set of batteries a week in the heating season (do all my spirits on this radiator). I haven’t had this problem with other brands (Honeywell) so far.
  • If the batteries are not replaced promptly when they are empty, it can happen that the thermostat forgets its connection to the controller and then has to be re-trained (happened twice in a very short time).

The only thing I like is that they react quickly to inputs thanks to FLiRS.

What would be the alternative to the Spirit thermostats? Is there an insider tip for Z-Wave thermostats? Or should it be better to go in the direction of a self-sufficient system with its own station and then connect it to the Ezlo Hub via a plugin (which makes creating a schedule a pain anyway)?

we are in the process of building ezlopi compatible Thermostats that will work with th eEzlo ecosystem natively.

I am not familiar with these Thermostats, but they are paired to an Ezlo hub right ? And not an old Vera hub.

If they are eating batteries you need to look at maybe changing the Wake Up interval. Check the user manual for the Thermostat what is the maximum Wake Up interval that can be set? Usually this is 24 hours but sometimes less. Set your Thermostats to the maximum.



There is no WakeUp Interval available. But that seems to be correct with FLiRS devices. Also it’s only eating batteries in the winter season when it has to move the valve. That would actually indicate that the valve on this radiator is more difficult than on others. As far as I can tell, the pin can be pushed in just as easily as with others. In addition, the simple Honeywell thermostats do not seem to have any problems with this.

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Can you tell me more about the new Thermostats? Will a kind of schedule be set up for these so that you no longer have to work with many meshbots? I would also offer myself as a beta tester :wink:

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I have Eurotronic Spirit, and one of the new Eurotronic Comet.
In my case on Fibaro hub.
Sometimes it miss the dayly report and thereby repport the battery empty.
The day after the battery may be full again.
Check if the battery is flat by massureing.
In all I am very satisfied with the Eurotronic thermostats.

I have abandoned the idea of using Vera or Ezlo to control my thermostats. I just find the thermostat manufacturers are far more motivated to keep their app and web service up to date and relevant. It always seems a chore to get a controller to integrate a TStat and when they reluctantly do it, it isn’t kept current with the evolving product.

Yes you lose some ability to create meshbots with a 3rd party app but the stability is the trade off I make here. I have Honeywell Thermostats and rarely see service outages or bugs in the (iPhone) app.