thermostat - Recomendations

I haven’t purchased a thermostat yet, but am interested in buying one soon. I’ve been looking at the following two thermostats because they were under $100:

[ul][li]Intermatic CA8900[/li]
[li]Wayne-Dalton WDTC-20[/li][/ul]

Are they good? Am I missing any cool features that the more expensive thermostats offer?

And the more important question… do they work well with VERA?

The WD and the Intermatic are the same diff firmware.
The WD has one extra feature that allows you to control one function from a device like a legacy remote control that lacks thermostat support. Both are simple stats.

The HAI and The RCS have some setback control.
But in my experience I have needed to disable those features so the Zwave controller does not get overridden.

See if you have a setback at night to reduce the heat and Vera has timer to set the heat higher because you are arriving late the last program wins out. It may not be the one you like.

They all seem to work well.

I have 4 of the Wayne-Dalton thermostats at a remote location (one for each floor to control baseboard heaters), and they are working very well. There is a trick to setting them up: you need to make a very short press on the configure button on the thermostat. If you hold it too long Vera will recognize it as a switch.

That particular problem is covered in the forum elsewhere, but was not such a big deal to take care of.

Now to figure out how to do a setback with the “flat” scenes…