Thermostat not taking temperature changes

Before my wife kills me for spending too much time on this thermostat, I was hoping someone could point out my error(s).

Here is what I have:

Vera 3 running 1.6.641
PLEG version 7.27
Trane Thermostat [url=][/url]
Thermostat Model: TZEMT400BB32
Thermostat Version 01.01.40
Thermostat ZVer 02.00.9

I am having trouble setting the Heat and Cool setpoints using PLEG. I have the thermostat set to Heat mode. If I try to get PLEG to send both Heat and Cool setpoints to 68 and 78 respectively, it will fail. It will actually change the thermostat but changes Heat to 80 and Cool to 83. If I remove one of the setpoints so it is only sending one, then it works like a charm. I think the thermostat doesn’t like getting two setpoints thrown at it.

If I change the mode to Auto, then it still changes Heat to 80 and Cool to 83 but then it also will no longer take commands from the Vera GUI. If I try to change the temp using Vera it will say that it transmitted successfully but it won’t change anything on the Thermostat.

It is 2:00pm on a Saturday and I have been working on this since 7:00am. She is about to go nuclear. I am looking for either confirmation that this thermostat with this version of Vera is not working as it should, OR I am looking for someone to point out my boneheaded mistakes or logic. If there is a better device or method to do this then please let me know. I am at my wits end.

Woody (Orlando FL)

Thermostat Test PLEG[47] 2014-12-13 14:10:10.767


Installed: Fri Sep 19 2014. 90 Day Evaluation Period which allows a total of 4 PLEG and/or PLTS plugins.


Name Description
tItsNight Day or Night indicates Night time.

Name Repeat Expression
cDaytime No !tItsNight
cNighttime No tItsNight


Actions for Condition: cDaytime

Device Actions:


Device Action Arguments
Thermostat SetCurrentSetpoint NewCurrentSetpoint=68
Thermostat SetCurrentSetpoint NewCurrentSetpoint=80

Actions for Condition: cNighttime

Device Actions:


Device Action Arguments
Thermostat SetCurrentSetpoint NewCurrentSetpoint=72
Thermostat SetCurrentSetpoint NewCurrentSetpoint=78

This is what I am trying to do. See link. I want the thermostat to be in Auto mode and change both Heat and Cool temps throughout the day.

[url=]Dropbox - Error


I am about to revert back to UI5. I was on UI6 when I posted this and upgraded to UI7 to see if that would help. It did not. So now I am going back to UI5. Still waiting for the flag to be reset as a result of my email to support.


If anyone else is having this problem, I was able to resolve by reverting to UI5. With UI6, I was not able to send two temperature setpoints at the same time (Heat, Cool). The thermostat would flake out and set Cool to 80 and Heat to 83. It didn’t matter what I put in for the setpoints it would always change to 80/83. Everything is now working in UI5. I setup the exact same setup as above and it works. I can finally control my thermostat in Auto Mode. Hope this helps someone.