Thermostat Event Problem (Wayne Dalton WDTC-20)

I have a few thermostats that are set up with low temperature notifications at 50 degrees (F). Every few days, one of them will send me a notification that the temp is 35 (always 35, not some other random temp). Right after one of these notifications I checked and the “current” temperature for that thermostat in the Vera dashboard was, in fact, 35. The next poll/update of that thermostat showed the correct temperature which was more like 65.

Has anyone seen this behavior before with this thermostat? If it was just one thermostat doing it I would assume the thermostat itself was malfunctioning but at least two of them have done it three times between them and I only set up the notifications last week. I’m using UI4 on a Vera2 (1.1.1047).

I have one of those thermostats and it has always reported correctly AFAIK. Is the one that is giving you trouble further away from Vera or has less neighbors? I’m just wondering if it fails to get a temp from a poll, if it then gives 35 by default? One thing you could do is maybe swap thermostats by snapping them off/on of the bases, while making sure to exclude/include them for the move or heal them after moving. Maybe it is just a defective unit…

I have 4 thermostats and so far 2 of them have done this (in less than a week). They are all individually within range of Vera and there are many other devices on the network with none particularly far away from any other. I can try moving them around but not until the weekend.

I have this issue too. It looks like random invalid data coming from the thermostat. One of my thermostats occasionally indicates it is 4F, when it is really 55-65F. Another thermostat occasionally declares it is set to 99F, but the max setpoint is 95F, and the real setpoint is 45F. The invalid data is causing false triggers of my events.

I need to write some lup code to exclude the out of range triggers. Does anyone know a list of the Wayne Dalton lup varaibles and their meanings?

Here is the lup code snip I’m trying to use to exclude invalid high temp setpoints from my event. Unfortunately the code isn’t doing anything. I had guessed that the heat temp setpoint for my device #5 is called TemperatureSetpoint1_Heat. Anyone know if this is correct from documentation? Thanks.

local set_tmp = luup.variable_get(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSetpoint1_Heat”,“GetCurrentSetpoint”,5)
if (tonumber( set_tmp)>95 ) then
return false

According to the action/variable GetCurrentSetpoint does not exist.


I have the same problem, and Yes, it is always 35 degrees. I worry about my heat turning-on if I leave the Tstat in Auto. This is not good!