ThermoPlus AS2 RF thermostat

I happened to run across this Z-Wave thermostat model on the Horstmann Controls (they make “smart” utility meters and such) website:


The model is ThermoPlus AS2 RF.

(It may only be available in the UK)

Here you have some information regarding the ThermoPlus AS2-RF device from the Horstmann developers/support:

The ThermoPlus AS2-RF along with is accompanying ASR-RF (Relay box) has been initially designed as a closed loop system, i.e. it will not function with or cannot be controlled by other Zwave peripherals.
However, both units will sign onto a Zwave system and act as repeaters for Mesh capabilities
That said, the ASR-RF (on it’s own) is controllable by any Zwave enabled controller which supports the Thermostat Mode Command Class. We are not familiar with any devices from other manufacturers that support this, however individual data sheets of alternative controllers would provide this information.

The AS2 can become part of an existing ZWave network when it enters learn mode. This is achieved by putting the device into Installer Mode, linking the jumper J8 on the rear of the device, and holding the
Warm/Cool button for more than 2 seconds. The word “net” will appear on the display whilst this is happening.

When the AS2 joins another network it becomes a secondary controller of that network. If the AS2 had its own network and an association with an ASR then this will be lost.

When part of another controller’s network the AS2 won’t take part in any routing. This is because it is a battery operated device and as such sets the “routing” and “listening” flags in its Node Information Frame
to False.

For the AS2 to control the ASR after being made a secondary controller, an association needs to be set up between the two devices. The AS2 does not support the Association Command Class so association has to happen manually from the AS2.

As a secondary controller the AS2 is unable to add the ASR to the network so this must be done by the primary controller (in the system below this will likely be the Vera controller).

To make the association the AS2 should be put into listen mode by linking the jumper j8 and holding the Warm/Cool button for LESS than 2 seconds. Again the word “net” will appear on the display. Then on the
ASR send a NIF by pressing the 2 white buttons together for one second. The word “net” should disappear from the display of the AS2 and the two devices will now be linked.

An alternative method would be if the Vera is set up as a SIS, which would make the AS2 an inclusion controller on the network and able to add the ASR to the network directly.

***I read the documentation and I debated it with my colleagues and our conclusion is that theoretically it should work with Vera if we rely on the information given by the Horstmann developers/support.
The customer said that he was able to add the device to Vera:
Customer: “I was able to get the Horstmann AS2 Thermostat to appear as a Thermostat and Scene Controller in Vera.”
I have attached some screenshots with the device after inclusion - on the Dashboard.

I am as green as possible about knowledge of zwave and its use. I have a holiday house in Europe and want to control the temperature of the house via internet.
Is my understanding right that the Vera controller has a buildin interface that is able to control the thermostat? (does not matter what brand)

At last Horstmann has another thermostat hrt4-zw will it work the same way?