The vera plus can be USB powered

So I just discovered something quite interesting while running some tests to extroot the latest firmware.
I am using a powered USB hub to which I connected my external SATA SSD and low an behold… plugging the USB hub into the port powered up the vera… While the extroot test still failed, I learned something new… The vera can be powered by 5V USB…


I wonder: Does this suggest one could then connect a USB battery bank to the back of Vera, to act as a sort of makeshift UPS during power outages?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not suggesting users plug a battery/charger into Vera’s USB port while plugged into a wall outlet, since (a) we don’t know whether this might damage one or both devices, and (b) further testing along these lines is demanded.

Yes as long as it is able to deliver 2A, I think it should work.

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This sounds like a design flaw masquerading as a feature.

I too am using a powered USB hub and had noticed this as well. In fact I think it sometimes creates a problem when trying to do a cold reset - wondering what to connect first when re-applying power. I agree that this is a design flaw masquerading as a feature.

You guys are bit harsh here or maybe I misunderstood your meaning. This is not publicized as a feature… mios/eZLO certainly didn’t. It is rather indeed likely a design flaw we can exploit as a feature. I just thought it was interesting to share.

in my opinion the Vera is supplied with 12Vdc, then the electronics allow to lower the voltage to 5Vdc towards certain circuits, but in my opinion, will not allow to recreate 12Vdc.
on my old vera3 was provided a built-in battery pack to replace the 12vcc power supply and facilitate the inclusion of modules too far from the Vera. In my opinion a small 400 or 500 VA inverter will allow a good autonomy rather than a 5vcc battery to recharge the phone

yeah i learned this while trying to recover a couple of my v+s but because it was only 5v I didn’t trust the supply

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