The USB-solution worked so great...

Hi all,

About 9 months ago I upgraded my Vera2 with an USB-stick. Immediately I had a much much more stable Vera2. Everything was fine until maybe a month ago.

My Vera2 now freezes/becomes unresponsive once or twice a week and I have to power cycle the unit.

I am guessing that the USB might be full or otherwise defective.

So my question is: How can I change the USB-stick. Can I just power of the unit and insert another USB?

These USB sticks only have so many write-cycles on them. They are meant for file storage rather than use as active memory, so it’s possible that you have exhausted the write cycles on the USB stick (this happens soonest on operating systems not optimised for flash/SSD use)

To replace the stick, it’s best to play it safe: disable the stick in Vera’s settings, then remove it. Plug in the replacement and enable it in the settings, letting Vera perform the necessary format.