Thank you Vera Customer Care

Too often, people post messages because they have an issue.

But we are hurting our community if we don’t mention when something good happens.

As such, I want to thank Sebastian for fixing my Ecolink device and Greg for fixing my firmware upgrade issue. They were both very professional and knowledgeable.

You guys are great and represent Vera well.

Good deal! :slight_smile:

Your post has a happy ending, but where does your story start?

Your something good that happened was they fixed your broken VERA.

Support has always been good. Many times they came in a revived my failed Vera (not once did they have a reason why it crashed and broke though, usually blamed it on a memory issue, a plugin, or some type of rouge issue they couldn’t see) but a restore and cleaning up some files revived it and I was back up and running. So Cheers to support! Keep up the good work of bringing vera’s back to life.

I too will chime in with praise. Thank you to everyone at Vera Customer Care! :smiley:

While the Vera device can be downright cantankerous, the support staff has ALWAYS been great. I never ask for support until I am at a complete loss. (Upgrades that went bad, devices misbehaving, out of space on older models, me having brain farts about notifications / alerts and which page takes precedence. )

When providing phone support they have stayed with me and worked out the problem. In one case they asked if they could work on it for awhile and call me back. I was worried about that being the end of help. They fixed the problem and called me back about an hour later.

It’s probably the fact that I can get support on a weekend and deal with someone that knows the product the first time that keeps me with Vera, and the hardware upgrades over the years.

Thanks, everyone. Passing this to our Customer Care team.

They surely appreciate the love and positivity in the result of their work.

Yes the Customer Care Team is incredible with what they do to right the ship. They do not get enough kudos.


Not to be an ass but I thought being knowledgeable, polite and fixing issues is doing your job?

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