Thank you to our Ukrainian Employees

Although their houses were bombed (literally!) our amazing people at Ezlo in our Kharkiv office have exemplified courage, humanity, hope and professionalism !

What is more amazing is even during bombardment anyone who did have internet access wanted to continue to do work to make sure Putin’s War did not affect our users.

Ezlo US team working tirelessly helping with movement and relocation of some of our employees in Kharkiv, along with Kharkiv team’s courage, care and professionalism and unwavering desire to help our user even in this dire circumstances leaves me with no words but feeling of humble, awe and proud to be working with such amazing people!

Please please please stay safe! Our prayers are with you!


Makes just about everything else trivial by comparison. My hopes and prayers are with the Ukrainian people. I am a bit surprised that more people have not responded to your “comment”. Perhaps you should consider making it more visible by moving it under Company Announcements. Make sure ezlo customers know how the Ukrainian war is impacting the people who support them.

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Well said Sir!
Family prayers are with all of our brothers and sisters in harm’s way.

The violence is quite unfortunate. Mankind will never learn from its mistakes. War is something we just can’t seem to evolve past.

I hope the Ezlo team and their loved ones are safe or can get to safety today. Let the madness stop asap so all in Ukraine can be safe again. :worried:


@Melih, the Karkhiv footage on the news tonight is shocking, surreal and very sad. We are praying for all the people of Ukraine, that sanity and good will prevail, and hope that your team and their families have made it to safety by now.

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Thank you guys!

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