TEXECOM Premier Elite Plugin

This is a reworked version of racarters plugin, developed with his permission.
Work on the Texecom Connect version is now under way (planning on releasing under the same plugin and automatically working out which version to use).

Uses Texecom Simple Protocol via IP or serial connection. Supports the following:

[ul][li] Arm up to 2 Areas[/li]
[li] Part-arm up to 2 Areas[/li]
[li] Disarm up to 2 Areas[/li]
[li] Control of PC Outputs 1-4[/li]
[li] Creates Child Devices representing your Texecom Zones[/li]
[li] Polls zones every ~0.6s[/li]
[li] Automatically gathers Zone Names and types[/li]
[li] Manual override of Zone Text (That appears in Vera) and Zone Icon (eg. Door/ PIR/Smoke)[/li]
[li] Reports partition status (including Exit/Entry started)[/li]
[li] Reads Control and Control battery voltages/Current[/li]
[li] Virtual Keypad in Vera [/li]
[li] Displays System Flags (eg. battery fail, PSU mains fault etc)[/li]
[li] 3 Notification Options for User defineable System Flags [/li]
[li] Support for notifications upon zone active when zone is armed (Entry circuits only cause notification if Area assigned is in alarm) using any or all of the following platforms:[list][li]Push notifications via Pushover.net[/li][li]Text Messaging (UK numbers only at present) via Clickatell.com[/li][li]Email via SMTP2GO.com[/li][/list][/li]
[li] Comms status and auto attempts reconnection/reports failures[/li][/ul]

Polling is sequentially done in the following order:

[ul][li] Zones[/li]
[li] Areas[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] Output Status[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] Areas[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] Keypad Display[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] Areas[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] System Flags[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] Areas[/li]
[li] Zones[/li]
[li] System Voltages[/li]
[li] Back to start[/li][/ul]

Poll times depend on your Vera, mine averages a poll every 0.286s therefore my zones are updated every approx 0.572s (2x0.286s), my areas are updated every approx 1.144s (4x0.286s) and everything else approx every 4.576s (16x0.286s)

Copyright 2017-2027 Sam Youe

Notes: This plug-in requires the Texecom Premier Elite firmware v1.0+ although it may work on Premier firmware version 9.06 or later. Earlier versions may not work correctly or at all. If your firmware version is older than this you must flash the panel to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Getting Started (UI7)

[ol][li] On the Vera dashboard menu on the left of the page select Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup files, then upload all files, ticking the box marked ‘Restart Luup after upload’.[/li]
[li] On the Vera menu select Apps --> Develop Apps --> Create device, then in the field called ‘Upnp Device Filename’ enter D_Texecom.xml. Save, Then Reload Luup. (Go to Test Lua Code and type “luup.reload()”)[/li]

[li][list][li] For network comms you must use a Texecom COM IP/COM WIFI module connected to a Com port on the panel and programmed appropriately.[/li]

[li] For serial comms use a COM USB or PC COM lead connected to a Com port on the panel and programmed as nothing fitted. Within Vera you must configure a suitable serial port on Vera to 19200 Baud, 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits and assign it to the Texecom device (Apps>Develop Apps>Serial Port Configuration). Reload Luup again

[li] When Luup has restarted find the Texecom device block on the ‘Devices’ page on Vera dashboard, then click the right arrow and open the ‘Setup’ tab at the top.[/li]

[li] Click on Connection Setup and setup options as necessary, paying close attention to: ‘Connection Type’, ‘Engineer Code’ and ‘UDL Code’. Once finished, Ensure Your alarm panel is not in Engineer Mode and Not Fully Set, click Save All and when prompted, click OK to restart Luup. [list]
[li] The plug-in will currently allow up to 48 zones, 4 PC controlled outputs, 2 Areas, 1 Part Set per area.[/li][/list][/li]

[li] The plugin should create 1 or 2 partitions (as set out by you in the setup tab), as many zones as you have programmed in your panel and the ‘PC Controlled output’ Vera Switches. [/li]

[li] If you use Pushover messaging options, you will receive a notification on your phone or other Pushover-enabled device in an alarm state, detailing the zone that has tripped the alarm (or Set/Unset/Partset or Vera Restart notifications). If you specify a Device it will only deliver to that device. You must create your own Pushover App on the Pushover site and use the relevant user and app keys supplied by them.[/li]

[li] You can also specify which zone is armed by partset/fullset etc on the Setup page. NB. When a circuit is omitted for partset by your alarm system (eg. Landing PIR), Vera currently displays this as the same icon as if it were active at the moment (although no alerts will be generated…

Please note this has been designed for Vera UI7. It may work with UI5 and as such I have included the original setup instructions for UI5 for Racarters Texecom version that this is based upon although much of it has been changed, the setup procedure should be fairly similar, but if any steps do not seem right please adapt accordingly.
If it doesnt work with UI5 I have NO plans to convert it to work with UI5 nor any way to test on UI5 anyway…

Getting Started (UI5)

Alan Carter February 2016

[ol][li] On the Vera dashboard select APPS -> Develop Apps -> Luup files, then upload the 5 xml
and 2 json files, ticking the box marked ‘Restart Luup after upload’.[/li]

[li] On the Vera dashboard select APPS --> Develop Apps --> Create device, then in the field
called ‘Upnp Device Filename’ enter D_Texecom.xml. Save, and restart Luup.[/li]

[li] When Luup has restarted find the Texecom device block on the ‘Devices’ tab on Vera
dashboard, then click the spanner and open the ‘Advanced’ tab.[/li]

[li] In the ‘altid’ field list the devices you wish to create, separated by commas. For example,
to create 8 zones enter Z01,Z02,Z03,Z04,Z05,Z06,Z07,Z08. To create 3 Digicom outputs enter
X01,X02,X03. To create 2 programmable outputs enter P01,P02. The plug-in will currently
allow up to 20 zones, up to 8 Digicom outputs and up to 2 programmable outputs.[/li]

[li] If you are using a network connection to the panel, enter IP address and port number
in the ‘ip’ field, separated by a colon. For example:[/li]

[li] If you are using a serial connection to the panel you must configure a suitable serial port
on Vera to 19200 Baud, 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits and assign it to the Texecom device.[/li]

[li] Restart Luup, after which the plug-in should create two partition devices and as many zone
and output devices as specified in Step 4 above. Partitions will be polled every 10 seconds
and zones every 5 seconds.[/li]

[li] On the Texecom panel set the UDL password to 1234 via keypad or Wintex. If you wish to use
a different UDL password you must edit and re-upload I_Texecom.xml then restart Luup.[/li]

[li] For network comms you must use a Texecom COM IP module connected to the Com1 port on the panel.[/li]

[li] For serial comms use a COM USB or PC COM lead connected to the Com1 port on the panel.[/li]

[li] If you use Pushover messaging via the Vera ‘Push Notification’ app you can enter the
Push Notification device number in the ‘Vera Push Device’ field, the Pushover Device
name in the ‘Pushover Device’ field and the required sound in the ‘Pushover Sound’
field (in lower case). You will then receive a notification on your phone or other
Pushover-enabled device if the first line of the Texecom keypad display changes.
(Since the second line of the keypad display often shows the time, only changes to the
first line will generate a notification.) If want the message sent to all of your
Pushover devices, leave the ‘Pushover Device’ field blank.[/li]

[li] Zone device blocks have two variables called LatchStatus and LatchPeriod. When a zone
is tripped, if LatchPeriod is non-zero, LatchStatus will be set to ‘1’. When no further
trips have occurred for the number of minutes set in LatchPeriod, LatchStatus will be
set to ‘0’. This feature can be used in a Vera scene to switch off lights etc. after
a period of no movement in a room. Set LatchPeriod to zero to disable this feature.


Please let me know if you get any problems/feedback and I’ll try to resolve as quick as I can…


  • The parent device changes name when zone names are gathered (Should be fixed now)
  • Zones omitted by the panel (eg. in part set) display as active in Vera UI (Purely visual bug)

IF you install this and you experience a bug which is listed as fixed or unlisted, please let me know.


Thanks samyoue! I have installed this and seems to be working perfectly so far! I’m waiting for the opportunity to do a bit more with it but it looks like it will be a useful addition to my setup.

Hello all,

I’m currently using Racarters version on ui7, any idea what the upgrade process to this would be?


@goggles: thanks! Let me know if you get any problems

@sups: In theory just upload the new files and that should be it as it is a massively reworked version of racarters one… but any problems try deleting the “parent” device and creating a new device,
Let me know how you get on


Hi Sam,

I have been using Racarters plugin for a few years, I have just tried to upgrade to your plugin. I uploaded your files the plugin reports " Status: Requesting Access- 1234"

I have removed the master device and re added via “create device” but i am still seeing the same error, is they any logging I can look at?


I’m just in talks with sups atm as he has the same problem (which I’m struggling to replicate!) I take it you are connecting via comIP? I’m assuming your udl is 1234? Whats your vera version and panel type and version please


Hi Sam

Password is 1234
Premier Elite 48
Version 3.x

Vera 1.7.3831

Would it be worth while SSH in and deleting the old files?


[quote=“pukka, post:7, topic:198915”]Hi Sam

Password is 1234
Premier Elite 48
Version 3.x

Vera 1.7.3831

Would it be worth while SSH in and deleting the old files?


I’ve done that, thinking that perhaps one of the files didnt upload properly, unfortunately the problem persisted.

If i get a chance tonight I’ll factory reset my second vera, install racarters version then mine and set that up via ip to see if i can emulate (and then fix!) the problem…

The only thing different to racarters version regarding the initial connection procedure is that my version can take a variable as the udl code instead of it being written in the lua code but since that works with mine and goggles via serial, there’s no reason that should affect connection over ip as it is the same message being sent to the panel… :-\

The good news is you have the same versions as me so it’s not an incompatibility with v4…

Out of interest what ip is your com ip?



Texecom IP

I can login with wintex and the older plugin

yes that seems to be the same behaviour sups is experiencing…very strange indeed…


thanks, I’ll install his first, get it going via IP then upgrade and see if i get the same issue…


EDIT:- OK so Ive installed the old one, got it working via IP then upgraded and I’m seeing the same problem you guys have seen so a fix should be coming soon just hold tight, I appreciate your patience

OK so it seems IP connections were trying to initialise before the vera was quite ready. As such I’ve added a 5s delay for IP connections and that fixed it for my test unit and sups’ installation.

Upgrading from Racarters plugin will require the following steps.

[ol][li]upload new files and restart luup[/li]
[li]Click on parent device and click on setup page. Fill in these fields MINIMUM:[list]
[li]Connect Via: [/li]
Connection Settings (ip:port): (If via IP)[/li]
Panel UDL Code [/li]
Panel Engineer Code[/li]
Panel Type [/li]
[li]Click Save Page/Save All[/li]
[li]Click OK to restart Luup[/li]
[li]Wait for restart to complete (If grabbing zone names, allow at least a minute after restarting before doing anything to allow the process to complete properly!!)[/li][/ol]

Just to report back, Plugin is working ok

I’ve been using it for a while now and its working fine…
Just one thing I need to ask all users…
You arm your panel, and leave the house… But what happens when you return, open your door and disarm the panel.
What I get is first an email from Vera telling me that the front door is open, then an email telling me that the hallway PIR sensed motion… At the same time I have SMS messages sent to my phone telling me the same as the emails…
It’s a bit annoying… does anyone else have this problem, and/or does anyone know how to stop this happening… all I want is an email/SMS only when the alarm is triggered…possibly with another email to tell me which zone triggered the alarm?


switch off alarm reporting in vera and use the plugin to handle notifications. Pushover works great and support for free text messaging and emailing is on the way .

The plugin knows the difference between entry and alarm. If you open the front door the plugin will check to see the state the alarm is in and ONLY notify you if it goes into alarm. It should also send the zone names that tripped the alarm

Another pro to using pushover is that you can configure the plugin to send you separate notifications for when it is set/unset (single notification each time) and priority notifications upon alarm condition (repeats the notification with a different sound to set/unset notification until timeout/acknowledged)


Thanks Sam

Just looked… In Vera 3 under Users & Account info >> notification settings, I have various options with Security Alerts being one of them and It’s not been checked… I just checked it… hit update, then unchecked it and hit update again…

I’ll let you know how I get on…

No worries, if i get a chance I’ll implement the texting and email features in next couple days… Also working on reporting system events such as battery fault etc


Ps with regards to pushover notifications I’ve also got a Tasker profile setup to read out loud (via TTS) any messages from pushover that contain the word “ALARM”


NEW VERSION now on GitHub:

[ul][li]support for email notiifications[/li]
[li]support for text message notiifications (UK numbers only at the moment)[/li]
[li]added system flag information (ability to act on system flags and notifications on system flags coming soon)[/li]
[li]changed polling order to increase area response time[/li][/ul]


(system flags are things like battery fault, cabinet tamper, bell tamper, mains failure, comms active etc)