Test Flight Question

Having installed Test Flight several weeks back, I have had several notices telling me that there was a new version for the app VeraMobile to try. But when I go to install it, a message comes up that says, “You already have this app installed.” It goes on to say, “Do you want to replace the current app version with the test version? You may lose the app’s data.” Each time, I have chosen to “Cancel”.

Is this programming loss happening, or is it just a formal disclaimer by the developers in case something goes wrong? I would love to test fly the new versions, but am not willing, as long as it appears that I may lose all of my devices and scenes. That would be horrific!!!

Are people losing their apps data when the use Test Flight to try the upgrades???

This is merely for the app. It shouldn’t affect your devices/scenes as these are actually stored in your hub (not in the mobile app). Mobile app merely represents what is stored in your hub and gives you ability to control it etc.
Of course these are beta apps via Test Flight…but I use them to control my home…I am using the latest Test Flight version as we speak…

Ok, Melih, super! Thank you! The language on the “warning” splash has kept me from being willing to give the beta a try. I will go forward.

Hopefully if any of the present or future beta installs turn out to be a bad thing, we will be able to go backward. Perhaps if that were necessary, just deleting the app, entirely, and then reloading it from the App Store would accomplish getting the “latest and greatest” proven version.

Again, Melih, thank you so much! You’ve been a great help in the past for me, and I’m glad you’re there. Cheers!

Anytime! We are here for you.