Temperatures (Netatmo and Ecobee)

This is something I did in PLEG that I thought might be of benefit to other people. I have several automations set up that involve temperatures, mainly turning fans on and off based on rules involving indoor and outdoor temperatures. For temperature measurements, I have a Netatmo, which has indoor and outdoor modules, and an Ecobee thermostat, which has a sensor on each floor of the house. There are two annoying issues with the plugins for these devices. The Netatmo reports temperatures (within PLEG) in Celsius even though my system option is set to use Fahrenheit. And the Ecobee plugin has the issue, discussed on the Ecobee board, where it will lose its connection to the thermostat, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, the latter requiring a relink with a new PIN.

To address these issues, I set up a separate PLEG instance just for temperatures. It does three things:
(1) It converts the Netatmo temperatures to Fahrenheit, and makes those available to other PLEG instances via exported conditions.
(2) Also with exported conditions, it provides a temperature for each Ecobee sensor that automatically reverts to using the value from the Netatmo indoor module when the Ecobee link has been lost.
(3) When the Ecobee link has been lost for 10 minutes, it sends me a notification so I know to relink.

Other ideas and feedback are welcome!

I’m not sure which Netatmo plugin you use, but if it’s mine, then although all readings on the master device are reported in the units that Netatmo natively uses (Celsius), child devices will show the units conversion according to the system setting. So if you create a child device for the measurements you are interested in, then they should show you familiar units.

I’m using the “orange” plugin, the one you get when you install Netatmo in Vera by adding it as a device.

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