Temperature trigger goes above

I am trying to program scenes for temperature regulation using ordinary everspring ST814 together with Vera Edge. My problem is the trigger condition goes above x deg or goes below x deg. These trigger acts only if thers is a transition from x deg to a x-y deg. There are at least two problems that can occur:

  1. If there is a powerloss and the temperature fall some degrees. When the power is restored the trigger goes below might not trigger beacuse there will not be a transition from the trigger temp of x deg to a lower temp. That event incidently happened during the power failure.
  2. Triggers might not be activated if the temperature gradiant is higher than the selected polling time. Since the ST814 is battery driven you do want to keep the polling time fairly long, which means it is a risk that the temperature jumps from example x-1 to x+1 deg and then the trigger goes above x will not be activated.

I think I have the same problem with a Aeon sensor, so I belive it is the behaviour of the software in the Vera edge
I would like to see in addition: trigger Is below and Is above.

There is a ugly workaround to add several triggers, Eg if I want a temp event to occur always when the temp falls below x deg, I add triggers for goes below x-1 deg, x-2 deg and so on.
Anyone has better ideas?

I haven’t seen that issue. Weird.

Try PLEG . There is a free trial. I believe it evaluated on events and every minute so even weird scenarios should trigger within a minute.