Temperature increment..half degrees?

The Honeywell plug in wants to allow temp changes on Wi-Fi thermostats to be half degree increments/deferments. Thermostats work in 1 degree changes. How can this be modified in the Vera plugin?

Note that the ecobee plug in also allows half-degree increments, so I believe that to be somewhat customary in this context. Not sure why one way is more useful than the other though.

is there a way to modify the plugin to make it such that temp changes can only be done in 1 degree increments instead of 0.5 degrees?

I’ve looked at the plug-in code, but come up empty on ideas. Perhaps you could ask @mikee (the developer of the Honeywell TCC plug-in) if it’s even possible. Not sure he made the leap from the old Forum.

Meanwhile, suggested reading:
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