Temperature Display Inaccurate

Hey everyone, new here and to the Z-Wave scene. I just installed a Trane TZEMT400BB3NX and I am noticing a couple of issues that I can’t seem to find any answers on.

  1. I am not able to program the thermostat for the same temperature for heating and cooling. The menu will only allow a 3 degree delta from heating and cooling. Is there any work around for this?

  2. Through my Vera dashboard, it is displaying a celsius temperature yet shows it’s supposed to be reading fahrenheit. Anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for reading!

Anyone have this happen to them? Can someone help tell me where to go with this?

Assuming that it is not possible to set the device to Fahrenheit, you can convert the temperature from celsius with a function like this:

-- Multiply by 9, divide by 5, add 32 function c_to_f(c) if (c ~= 0) then return ((c * 9) / 5) + 32 else return 0 end end
This function returns 0 if you give it a celsius of 0. You can change or remove that test if 0 is a valid reading.

open a trouble ticket with MCV yet?

open a trouble ticket with MCV yet?[/quote]

Not yet… I know the community is a great resource and I wanted to try and reach out to everyone here first.

Please do raise a ticket with MCV. Even if the forum does solve your immediate problem (doubtful) you are deflating the metrics that MCV support uses to measure customer satisfaction. Do future users a favour and do your bit to make sure that the company is hiring an appropriate number of support staff.

Thanks to Ally Ghetu at Vera support, I got everything working correctly. Here is the fix for the temperature display issue:

Can you please go to Vera new interface > My system > Settings and there to change the Temperature format from Fahrenheit to Celsius to save the changes, then to enter in Advanced Settings > Setup > Location > Temperature format > Celsius ?

After that please try to reverse to Fahrenheit one more time.
After you?ve done the changes please try to Refresh the webpage.

Then please try to connect to the unit from your phone and see how it goes afterwards.