temperature alerts HSM100 / HM-TS001

Can either the HSM100 or the HM-TS001 be used to alert on high and low temps reliably with Vera?

Not that I’ve seen, these basic scene triggers on temp are broken and have been for some time. It sucks and I can’t explain why something so simple has been not working for sooooooooo long. crazy. This is some basic stuff that SHOULD WORK!

If you are comfortable with Lua programming, you could work around this bug (define a periodic timer or use a periodic scene, retrieve the current temperature from your sensor, check conditions and send alerts).

Obviously, this is far away from “Super simple; no tech skills needed.” …

If MCV is not able/willing to fix elementary bugs with high priority, MCV should at least provide workarounds. Relying on the community to provide workarounds is bad for the product.

They should have fixed the basics before venturing off into the new UI. Seems like alot of wasted effort that may actual lead to their demise. If the thing worked correctly I would use the GUI once a month. Why do they think the retail user cares that much about a GUI is beyond me. Make it work first.

I don’t have one, but I believe the HSM100 device doesn’t “wake up” and push changes in temp. You would only get updates on the temp when the device checks in for other reason, wake up threshold or motion is detected. This could contribute to it looking like it isn’t reliable, but it is the sensor’s “fault” (in quotes since it is the designed behavior) not Vera’s.

What is your polling time set to? Just like the light sensor the more often you poll and get an update on the temperature the more accurate it will be. You should try setting it to poll at 360 second intervals. You can not set it any sooner than that.

I have an HSM100 that i’ve hacked and use it on an old LG AC Adapter for power (its AC to DC )
The device wakes up every 360 seconds and reports temp, light etc.

if it’s armed, it wakes up instantly and sends motion alerts. It works quite well actually, but its the very basic “>” “<” temp controls that are broken in the Vera and have been for a long long time. I’ve bitched and bitched about this in the forums and I agree with you all, this MUST BE FIXED. It’s useless if this simple logic doesn’t work.

At least the smartphone plugins are now working and I can see temp there, but I really want some basic logic so I can turn on fans and other stuff based on my HSM100 temp. I then want to start using some temp based logic on the weather plugin so I can react to humidity, rain, snow, and associated temps and perform other things like crank up the AC, turn on the heat tape to melt snow, and eventually, close or open the blinds




IIUC, we are talking about bug #693 - open since 2009-10-20 …