Tech support just downgraded me to UI5 and now ther is no streaming video at all

Am I missing something? I have easily spent over 100 hours tinkering with cameras and finally got my personal Foscams to stream video remotely and now with UI5 there is not an option. No Panasonic camera plugin ( thought by now there would be a dedicated Foscam plugin)

I have a handful of clients who I have been working endlessly to try and get their cameras to stream remotely through their different modems/routers and now I am about to abort the whole Vera offering to my clients.

I am dreading the call backs I will get evertime Vera changes their UI and things stop working. It is like Firefox and addons.

Why do they make it all so un-user friendly?

The Panasonic plugin files have been incorporated into the MiOS core files, so the plugin is not required anymore.

The Panasonic plugin files have been incorporated into the MiOS core files, so the plugin is not required anymore.[/quote]

Ok, How about streaming? am I missing something there? I do not see any option for streaming and the pan/tilt do not work.

After upgrading to UI5, I seem to be having similar issues with my camera’s. I can view them but am unable to control them via Vera. Was hoping to get a MCV view as to what’s going on? I insert my quote from another thread as this was my second UI5 issue. Mike

[quote=“MNB, post:25, topic:169782”]Problem #2:
Noticed that both my Panasonic and Foscam camera’s PTZ controls (up/down, Left/Right, Zoom In/Out) do not work on both my Vera 2 and 3 using UI5. Both camera types worked fine on my Vera2 under UI4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mike[/quote]

@MNB, tahoebuilder

Do you receive the No Implementation message? Anyway, uploading the files from the attachment on Vera will most likely fix the issue.

@mcvflorin, many thanxs will attempt this evening and report status. Mike

Question, I’ve just noticed that I have new App in My Apps " Panasonic IP Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom 1.1" that I did not add (might be something MCV did re my problem ticket? I’m assuming that this version is the same as your Zipped file?

My Panasonic cameras now are able to move, however my Foscam still are frozen (non-responsive). Mike

@tahoebuilder, did you have any success with your Foscam camera’s

@mcvflorin, the zipped file that you provide is it different than Panasonic IP Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom 1.1 app?

Notice whilst looking at my Foscam Adv tab that it was different than my Panasonic Adv tab, in particular I had User ID and password twice (see below);

Device params
device_type urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DigitalSecurityCamera:1
ip 192.168.0.XXX:80XX
device_file D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml.lzo
id 10
time_created 1319762877
plugin 5
category_num 6
subcategory_num 0
impl_file I_Foscam9818.xml
password [/glow]
URL /snapshot.cgi
DirectStreamingURL %2Fvideostream.cgi
New service:
New variable:
New value:

I upgraded back to UI4 and everything is working great.