tado Cooling

Tado’s Cooling is on kickstarter right now ([url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tado/tado-cooling-intelligent-a-c-control]https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tado/tado-cooling-intelligent-a-c-control[/url]) and by the looks of it it could be integrated with Vera. Hopefully someone can develop a plugin soon.

We will offer an API to a closed group of developers at first (pledge and chose developer package). We might also interface with other connected home solutions later on but there is no specific time line for this as of today. All the best!

Looks like a much better product than ZXT-120. What does everyone else think?

Love the idea but having to pledge/pay for the developers package - sigh ! What’s up with companies wanting me to have an app for everything I own. My biggest concern (like with the Nest and Honeywell Redlink) is the promise of having an API and waiting years to see one.

I’d need 3 of these to control all 3 of my Mitsubishi mini-split systems… $99 per is pretty cheap for what it does but it would be priceless if the damn thing had a published API…

Just got a reply from Tado.
They are offering a developer unit as well as SDK already and confirmed that a API for 3rd party integration is available ;D

Now we just need to wait for the final product to be ready !

Well I’m washing my hands of Redlink and the promise of an open API (you’re sooo dead to me Redlink!!#!@! ::slight_smile: ). So glad I didn’t purchase more Redlink equipment (been using the remotes). Yesterday, I went ahead and pre-ordered one Tado (for testing and hopefully integration). I received a confirmation email from them and they responded quickly to my questions. Unfortunately I waited too long and missed out on the $99 kick starter offering but if this product truly works as marketed - I have no problem paying the additional $50.

For those looking to also pre-purchase, here’s a coupon code for 10% off (should almost cover shipping from Germany).
Coupon: m_sauter_10


Received another update from Tado, they indicated an API will be provided soon after shipment.

since the first batch has been Shipped already…
has there be any update about a local API to be available ?

The hardware works great and looks very nice but they are a lot behind on the software side of things. No APIs yet but they do have IFTTT and HomeKit listed in the near future update (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tado/tado-cooling-intelligent-a-c-control/posts/1283262). Hopefully they will release APIs so we can use it with Vera.

hi to all
i see that TADO now is active.
Any news from VERA compatibility.

Is there a cooling fan you can buy to go on the mamba monster brush less motor?