T13 Screenline blinds

hi, using veraplus latest firmware and latest plugin for rfxtrx,
i have screenline blinds which i can control when using the RFXmngr on my pc (protocol is T13 Screenline)
however i can’t figure out how to create the device under Vera with the plugin. auto detection does not seem to find it all by itself.
also on a similar note: i have Nice blinds which the RFXmngr sees as raw transmission, is there a way to duplicate a general rf signal? in vera?

The RFXtrx does not receive and decode messages from the Screenline remote; it only transmits messages to the blind. See the RFXtrx User Guide section 7.15. From the Vera UI select the RFXtrx device. Then select the New Device tab. From the dropdown select Screenline Blind. Give it a name. You’ll have to discover the ID. Convert the hexidecimal value to decimal and enter for the ID. I assume you’ll know what the Unit Code is. Click Create.

thanks for your reply.
i have set it all up, it seems from the log, that even while i input the unit code as 4 as it works in RFXmngr, in the log the device appears as altid: B13/0073FE/00
so it seems the unit code does not get accepted somehow?

OK - so 7eFE is the ID you determined using RFXmngr? And you entered its decimal equivalent of 29694 when you created the device in the Vera/RFXtrx interface?

yes. this is the ID, but still no go.

OK, I’ll look into this. In the meantime go to the blind device in the Vera UI. Select the Advanced -/ Params tab. The altid probably looks like WC/B13/0073FE/00. Change it to WC/B13/0073FE/04. You may have to have the Vera hub reload (http://<your_Vera_IP>:3480/data_request?id=reload).

tried, without success. the altid reflects the change but no luck.