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Hi all,

I’m trying to send a http request to Vera from my Doorbird doorbell. I want to send a open command to a doorlock (Popp Door Strike Controller, a very weird device, btw).

The command to send in the string sent by the Doorbird would be:


But I don’t know how to include here: newTargetValue=0 which would open the doorlock. Any help on what is the syntax of the remaining portion of the string to send the open command?

I tried urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:DoorLock1&action=SetTarget&newTargetValue=0 but it doesn’t work

This looks like an incomplete Vera request. You should use someting like:


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Hi, thx for the quick reply! The first part I know, I have another http request already working. My issue was with the syntax to pass the value of the parameter.

FYI, I’m using the virtual motion sensor to receive the call from the Doorbird like this:


I’ll try your suggestion, thx!

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