Switchlinc and Scenes

Hi all!

Purchased a Veralite this week and though I’m new to home automation, implementation has been quicker than I expected. :slight_smile:

Instead of zwave-based light switches, I decided to use Insteon Switchlinc and a Powerlinc modem. So far, I’ve been able to successfully include every switch and control them from the dashboard.

  1. To include a switch, it seems the only way for the controller to see it is if I pair it with the modem, then add it as a Device. Is this the correct way? I also have an IOlinc, but all I seemed to have to do was plug it in and add the device altid. Which is correct?

  2. After successfully(?) including the switches, I’ve tried to set up scenes where one switch triggers the other switches to turn on. I can create the scene, validate each device and run it from the dashboard, but if I try to activate the switch locally, the other switches never turn on. I can set up the switches directly with each other using their internal Insteon controller/responder, but obviously, this isn’t ideal. Is there a device I’m missing or is this a limitation of the Veralite?

There are three lights involved, all outside, with what I call the “controller” light switch outside my kitchen entrance… Ideally, I’d like to create the following scenes:

Scene one:

IF controller light is “off”,
AND controller switch is toggled “on”,
THEN POWER-UP controller light.

Scene two:

IF controller light is “on”,
AND controller switch is toggled “on”,
THEN POWER-UP responder lights.

Powering off controller switch would always power-down responder lights.

Hope that makes sense. Any input is appreciated!


If no one can answer my previous question, maybe someone can answer this:

When an Insteon light is turned on or off locally, ie, at the switch, does it send this state change back to Vera?

There isn’t enough info to answer.

Are you using the native vera insteon support? Altsteon? The ISY plugin?

Veralite with UI7 and a Powerlinc modem.

I’ve not added any Insteon based plugin, though I have searched for Altsteon and it doesn’t seem to come up on the list.



I do not know if native support has instant status.
Altsteon does. You have to install it yourself. I have no idea if it works on UI7.
Unfortunately it looks like the website hosting Altsteon is no longer up.

I can say with confidence that the native setup doesn’t have instant status…

As far as your previous questions:

  1. That’s how I get things to work… :-\
  2. Don’t know, have to give that a try :slight_smile: