Switching Outdoor flood lights via zwave switch - fast enough?

I have 4 pairs of Rab outdoor motion sensor lights. They are all hooked up to zwave switches, some that are “out of the way”. All are currently set for Motion. Here’s my question:

  1. and you via Vera / Imperihome or other app, flip the switch on/off fast enough to change the setting on the lights? ie. If i wanted it on constantly, then want to set it back to motion i need to flip it OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON, can this be done quick enough manually? Or possibly setting a scene?

Any other thoughts?

I would guess (have not actually tried it) that you cannot select on and then off quickly enough via an interface but a scene with shortly delayed actions should manage it. Of course if the z-wave is busy it might not happen quickly enough and you would have to have another try.
I suggest changing the switch you currently use to a double relay unit. Use output 1 to turn the whole unit on/off and the second relay to bypass the sensor and turn the lamp full on.