Switches supporting Instant Status

I have just received and setup a Vera Edge, so I am new to this forum. I have one area that I would like to automate and I would appreciate some recommendations:

I have a floor lamp plugged into a Leviton DZR15 receptacle and I can successfully control that from the Vera UI. I would like to be able to control that manually from a wall switch as well. I have a multi-gang box mounted in the wall by the door and that box has an unused gang where I could mount a switch. But there isn’t any wiring between that box and the Leviton DZR15 receptacle. The switch location is near the Vera Edge, so I think the switch will have easy, direct RF access without any relaying.

It seems like I need either a One-Button Scene Controller or a On-Off switch that supports Instant Access and it must be something that will fit a Decora wall plate.

Can I use a Leviton DZS15 switch connected to mains but leaving the load side empty? If I can’t use a Leviton DZS15 for this application, what other devices are recommended?


Did you find a solution?
I am also looking for the same solution. i.e. a 1 switch controller that fits a Decora wall plate, and no need to switch a local load.

I think the best option for this would be the Linear/GoControl WT00Z-1 One Button Scene Controller. It is a switch that supports associations, used to control other Z-Wave devices, but it does not directly control a load.

I’d like one as well but the one you just showed doesn’t support a direct load and mine needs to do that. I’d rather find one that looks like a traditional toggle switch also rather than the rocker but that may not exist. But the main things are that it needs to support a direct load and needs to have instant reporting as well. Does this sucker even exist?

@jehuie - You are asking for something different. The previous posters specifically asked fro switches that did not directly control a load.

Your question was already answered in another thread.