Switch Vera Modes via Lynx 7000 Zwave to turn on/off DeusExMachina II

Is there a way to change Vera Home/Night/Away/Vacation modes via a Lynx 7000’s Off/Armed-Away/Armed-Stay current state?

Possibly having Lynx 7000 trigger a Zwave device using 7000’s Zwave module, and Vera detect off/on state of Zwave module to enable/disable DeusExMachina II.

Overall goal is to have Honeywell/Ademco Lynx 7000 trigger DeusExMachina II to either run when Armed-Away or not-run when Armed-Stay or Off. Whether DeusExMachina II is disabled/enabled or Vera changes Modes which then allows DeusExMachina II to run or not run.

Take a look at the Reactor plugin. i think it will cover your use case.