Switch Selection Help - New User!

Technology and electricity rarely confuse me as much as some of this z-wave stuff and I deal with both on a nearly daily basis as a farmer and network administrator (strange combo isn’t it!). Anyway I’m in the process of finishing the basement of my newer home. I installed 70 recessed can lights with LED retrofit lights (Halo brand). I initially tried Intermatic CA600 dimmers and since they are not rated for low voltage loads I have trouble dimming lights and also get some flickering and ghosting.

I’m looking for dimmer switches AND standard On/off switches with the following requirements…Z-wave and Ivory color. It appears the Leviton VRMX1 is a good choice for the dimmer switches. What is a good standard on/off switch for the low voltage loads?

The “low voltage” LED lights are not a factor for On /Off switches. Most, if not all of the On/Off Z-Wave switches require neutral wires to function and that makes them perfectly compatible with LEDs.

Decision factors, besides color, that may be of interest to you are Instant Status. This feature, unique to Levitons and Coopers at this time, update Vera the instant the switch’s state changes, i…e. manual operation. Switches that lack Instant status will not update Vera until Vera polls them, which means that Vera may be unaware that a light has been manually turned on for as long as two minutes, typically much less. This can be important if you have logic that depends on the switches state.

If your application does not care about Instant Status, Evolve LSM-15 120 VAC 15-Amp Wall Mount Switch offers a good switch that I believe comes with several color plates including Ivory. They are the same as the Linear Z-Wave On/Off Wall Switch - WS15Z-1, however the Linear does not come with colored face plates, The Linear face plates must be purchased separately.