Switch not reporting back to Vera

I have a switch that works fine but Vera always thinks it’s off. I can log into Vera and turn it on and the light comes on but then a few minutes later Vera thinks it’s off again. If the light is already on, you have to tell Vera to turn it off, then immediately turn tell it to turn it off again. I have excluded and re-included once and it didn’t resolve it. Anyone have any ideas?

What brand/model switch is it?

Leviton VRI06-1LX

Im having the same problem with some of my leviton switches, i think it is a bug. how many of these switches do you have?

does it happen every single time?

I have a house full of them, I’d say 30 or so. I have this one and I have a fan switch that needs reset every once and a while but beyond that, they’ve been pretty good.